Fine Art Photography


Many people all around you are constantly dealing with hearing impairment or loss, but you often can't see the physical manifestations of it. In this sequence I have explored the physical representation of hearing loss and how it can affect the person.


This series takes a look at different pasts and lives as if they were to live in the same time. When look at old photographs and pondering the past, I have often wondered what it would have been like to live during that time. These photos give a slight insight into this curiosity.


In our world verbal abuse has become an almost daily occurrence. People will say offensive and mean things to your face or through a computer screen. Since it has become so common, we often don't recognize how much pain it can cause. Every person has likely experienced this pain at some point in their life, and the photographs in this series bring this to light through the physical representation of the wounds. Through the work people should start to comprehend the painful effects words can have and be more understanding to those affected.